Europe opens for business and sets the seasonal trends

This weekend the industry will gather at one of the world’s most important trade events, which brings several key sectors together under one roof at Messe Frankfurt, Germany.


Paperworld, Creativeworld, Christmasworld and Floradecora are the dream team for the start of the season, taking place from 27 – 31 January. Across 17 exhibition halls, visitors will be able to broaden their horizons with a wide variety of inspirational ideas from the individual sectors and product segments.

At Christmasworld it will be all about seasonal and festive decorations, showcased in Halls 8, 9, 11 and the Galleria. This show will provide innovative concept ideas for decorating large-scale and outdoor areas for the wholesale and retail trades, shopping centres, DIY markets and the green sector. Around 960 exhibitors from 45 countries will participate.


At the brand new Floradecora trade fair in Hall 11.1, the focus will be on fresh flowers and plants as a complement to seasonal decorations. The concept of the fair is an attractive one, with unique stand designs and an innovative selling approach for new exhibitors such as flower and plant growers and producers, wholesale florist suppliers, importers and exporters, sales cooperatives and associations, suppliers of ceramics and floristry requisites, logistics companies and auctioneers.


Paperworld will present all kinds of paper, office supplies and stationery products in Halls 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6, from more than 1,500 of the world’s leading manufacturers and interesting start-up companies. Paperworld provides innovative business ideas for the wholesale, retail and specialist trades, as well as for booksellers, the internet and mail-order trade and commercial users. With around 35,000 buyers and trade visitors from about 140 countries, Paperworld is the most international trade fair in its sector.

Meanwhlile in Hall 4, Creativeworld will offer everything to do with creative arts and crafts, materials for hobbies, and artists’ requisites, featuring 300 exhibitors from 30 countries. It is the ideal order platform for the wholesale, retail and specialist trades, DIY markets, garden centres, the internet and mail-order trades, as well as commercial and other professional users. With its multi-faceted complementary programme of events, Creativeworld is a source of new ideas, inspiration and expert knowledge – in line with its motto ‘Refresh your business!’.


The Paperworld Trend Show, curated by the designers of style agency bora.herke.palmisano, will be located in the foyer of Halls 5.1/6.1. This will provide insights into the colours, patterns and materials of the 2017/18 season.
Experts from bora.herke.palmisano are to hold daily lectures on current trends and will conclude with a guided tour of the style scenarios in the Trend Show. They will explain the impact of the trend themes, suggest ways of implementing them and will deal with the background of the trends. The stationery trends already pinpointed for the seasons ahead have been named Curious Funfair and Solid Grade.

Curious Funfair is an uninhibited mix of styles with quirky and playful elements. There are no limits to the possible combinations of pattern and colour. Personal memories, favourite pieces, individualised designs create this very personal style. Joyful colours meet technical features and underline the youthful elements of curious funfair. This private workplace becomes an individualised office environment with graphic patterns, luminous colours and personal accessories, creating more space for creativity.


In complete contrast is Solid Grade, which merges self-discovery with high aesthetic demands, quality and functionality. An awareness of natural origins characterises the solid grade trend. The high visual, tactile and functional quality of the products is just as important a factor as the question of their origin. As befits this trend for what is original, authentic and high quality, the core colours chosen are warm, slightly faded tones and make the private office into a subdued place of retreat.

bora.herke.palmisano have also brought together the trends for Creativeworld, which for the seasons to come involve inspiration from nature, a fascination with things of the past and a reinterpretation of imperfection. The Creativeworld Trend Show is in Hall 4.1, G41 for the whole duration of the event. Each day style agency staff will also be at the workstation to present a selection of the ideas showcased and to demonstrate the individual steps required to bring them to life.


New interpretations of old technologies is the big new trend for 2017/2018. Look out for simple geometrical shapes, check and folkloristic patterns such as Scottish Argyle. The colour palette includes both condensed and soft tones as well as strong contrast colours. Check is making a comeback, while old, familiar technologies such as stamping, knotting, embroidering, braiding or weaving are also being reinterpreted and applied with various materials to create or decorate a range of different items.


Whimsy is a trend full of contrasts. The idea is to mix and patch together intensive colours with various patterns or outlandish forms. Using masking tape to add stripes and circles to vintage crockery, printing brightly coloured patterns on pale materials or embellishing them with Japanese origami papers, using extra-thick wool with strong colours for caps or arm and leg warmers, preferably with geometrical patterns. The idea is to juxtapose contrasts and in turn generate a new exciting unity.


Thoughtful: delicate and modest is a trend that uses modest, neutral colours and delicate minimalist patterns. Fine, small, zentangle-like patterns drawn with a fine liner pen adorn blouses or shirts. Porcelain or glass is cross hatched with fine circles and strokes and thin linen blankets or bags decorated with simple embroidery. ‘Thoughtful’ is laced through with delicate patterns like lines, circles, crosshatches or flowers across all technologies like printing, weaving or knitting. This modest style uses neutral grey, black and white nuanced colours which are complemented by sensuous pastel shades such as rosé and bright blue.

Imperfect: the new perfection. Derived from nature and folklore, this trend makes no claim to create perfection. It closely mirrors the Japanese Wabi-Sabi principle which says you can find beauty in everything, even in imperfection. ‘Imperfect’ translates into rough and ready materials, brush painted patterns and spontaneously creative wild embroidery. It is where imperfect and haphazard meets ordered and conventional. Patchwork looks pick up on folklore patterns without being region specific. Basic stitching is used to apply decorative, embroidered flowers on jeans. Fragmentary baskets are woven from thin rattan and ribbons. Chaos reigns, even in jewellery design, where pearls of different sizes and colours are patched together.

Elsewhere at the show you can get a taste of Oriental culture as we approach the new Year of the Rooster. Oriental culture in Hall 5.1 A20 and A21 is a great source of inspiration with sophisticated arts and crafts and articles that combine modern design and Far Eastern aspects. These products also include high grade stationery articles, such as book marks, paper, pencils and tape. The special exhibition will be presented in cooperation with the Art Exhibitions China.



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