Spoil your pets this Valentine’s Day

Premium raw pet food brand, Natural Instinct, is delighted to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the launch of its limited edition, Paw-fect Catch treats.

The new tasty treats, now available from Natural Instinct online, provide a premium and romantic, seafood platter for dogs and cats, including a delicious selection of raw prawns, mussels and whitebait.

Natural Instinct are not only tasty but have been made to support pet health and development. Mussels are a fantastic source of magnesium, helping to build strong bones, whilst prawns provide a healthy dose of copper to aid iron absorption, and zinc, to improve the quality of pets’ coats and skin. Additionally, the Paw-fect Catch treats are low in fat, ensuring that the nation’s pets don’t over indulge this Valentine’s Day.

All Natural Instinct complete meals include 100% British meats, with added fruits, vegetables and natural supplements to create wholesome and most importantly, nutritious meals. From Chicken & Lamb, Tripe & Turkey through to treats such as Chicken Hearts and Liver Treats, there is a flavour and texture available for every canine and feline friend!

Rachel Kirby, spokesperson for Natural Instinct commented: “As a nation, we have never been closer to our pets. Lockdown restrictions and social distancing has led to increased time spent at home, and for many this has strengthened the close friendship and companionship between pets and their owners. This Valentine’s Day, like many celebrations over the last year, is set to look a little different. With this in mind, we’re excited to launch our Paw-fect Catch treats to spoil our pets as we mark this celebration of love and friendship at home.”

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