Paperworld 2018/19 trends revealed

Paperworld 2017 trend feature

Paperworld has pinpointed three trends for 2018/19 which focus on modern workplaces and office lifestyles.  ‘Minimal + Excellent’, ‘Spirit + Ambition’ and ‘Work + Challenge’ provide ideas for product development and merchandising.

Paperworld combines, under the one roof, the two major areas of product demand: on the one hand, commercial office requisites (The visionary office) and, on the other, private requirements for paper, stationery and school requisites (The stationery trends). It will represent the world’s largest range of stationery and office supplies and provide major stimulus for the retail trade from 27 to 30 January 2018 at Messe Frankfurt.

Paperworld 2017 trend feature

The combination of ‘The visionary office’ and ‘The stationery trends’ is also reflected in the overall Paperworld Trends and in the Trend Show in the Foyer of Halls 5.1 / 6.1.  The trend worlds that have been identified by trend consultants, bora.herke.palmisano, will be introduced in lectures and guided tours, conducted in German and English by Claudia Herke from Saturday till Monday, at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. every day except Tuesday January 30, when the final tour will be given at 11 a.m.

The Paperworld Trends for 2018/19 showcase innovative solutions for the office of tomorrow and include some ground-breaking lifestyle trends for school, for gifts, packaging and celebrating. The Paperworld Trend Show is the sector’s major platform for the exchange of information. It brings together the exhibitors’ innovations in the Trend Worlds and presents them in punchy, expressive displays.

“Trade visitors can get a specific, practical idea of the various trends, with information about both exhibitors and products, through guided tours and specialist lectures. It is a unique service that provides the retail trade with the latest ideas and suggestions for putting together their selections and for dressing their shops,” says Michael Reichhold, Director of Paperworld.

Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano was commissioned by Paperworld to examine the question of how people will be going about their work in the future and what products will be on trend for the up-coming season. To do this, they draw upon developments in fashion and architecture, as
well as in product and furniture design, and transpose these to the stationery and office supplies sector.

For ‘The visionary office’, the designers have identified a trend they have called ‘Work + Challenge’. ‘The stationery trends’ are exemplified in two stylistic scenarios: ‘Minimal + Excellent’ and ‘Spirit + Ambition’.

‘Work + Challenge’ interprets the workplace as a comfortably relaxed holistic concept. The main idea to be demonstrated here is how high-tech, changing expectations of cooperative working and comfort combine in the overall concept. The trend appeals with its modern look and changes the office into a harmonious working environment, using the product range for
commercial office requisites.

In this changing workaday world, furniture and products must meet growing demands in terms of both aesthetics and user-friendliness. The focus is very much on a natural, easy atmosphere in a tailor-made concept, combined with the highest demands in terms of flexibility and
mobility. The balance between communicative and private spaces is achieved with multifunctional elements and furniture, supported by various specific functional requirements. At the same time, light, invigorating colours and natural materials have an important role to play, as they enhance the sense of well-being in the workplace.

‘Spirit + Ambition’ brings dynamic aspects into the modern home office Lively and sporty, the ‘Spirit + Ambition’ trend supports the search for new inspiration. In this stylistic scenario, digital meets analogue. This style is inspired by both the latest workwear and streetwear, as well as by young artists and technological innovations. Workspaces in the home are transformed with line drawings, an inventive use of lettering and strong colours into a creative, artistic home office, which creates space for more individuality. The contrasting colours and diverse materials bring with them a revolt against a purely goal-driven rationality in the working environment. There is some experimentation with digital and analogue routes that embody an artistic and emotional expressivity.

‘Minimal + Excellent’ reduces the office to an exclusive clean-lined elegance ‘Minimal + Excellent’ presents a reductionist, modern elegance: it is a trend that is marked by high expectations of the functionality and quality of the products used, with a focus, too, on design and workmanship. The colours chosen fit in with this classic trend, which oozes quality: dark shades, including black, dark blue and moss green, combined with gold, nickel and silver are centre-stage here and create the sense of an exclusive space in the home office. This impression is enhanced still further by the architectural clarity of the shapes and furnishings, as well as by the use of the latest technologies. All products are subject to the notion of achieving elegance through a reductionist approach.

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